Need some help developing a corporate strategy, growth plan or operating model? We bring 20 years of experience to your most complex problems

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You can achieve strategic PROFITABLE growth

We’re passionate about creating growth strategies, and the right roadmaps and operating models to achieve them. We thrive on creative thinking, problem solving and diving into data to inform our recommendations. We believe in working with you not for you - so that you have a practical, co-created strategy that works for you and your teams. Whether you want us to facilitate or kick start your strategic planning process, to work with you and your team to develop a strategy, or to stick around and help you implement it, we can tailor our services to meet your needs.


We won’t blind you with jargon, overwhelm you with slides or try to sell you consulting services you don’t need. We’ll help you scope what you need and then deliver what you want. We can also train your teams on our process and toolkit as we go. Finally, we never just walk away - each of our consulting engagements always includes a health check 3-6 months after we deliver, so that we can understand how it’s going and help you keep on track.

We want you to succeed and achieve your BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS

We want to be celebrating your success along side you.



No two of our consulting projects are ever the same. Your challenges, your opportunities, your growth path is UNIQUE to you. So the support and advice we provide will not be a standardised package - it will be tailored to your needs.

To give you an idea of what our services could look like we’ve included a few examples to help you think through your needs.

And if you don’t know what you need, we offer a 2 day scoping service where we will sit with you and your team to create a bespoke scope of work.


End-to-End Strategy Setting

Do you have a growth strategy? A corporate strategy? Is your leadership aligned on what success looks like and how to get there? Do your teams receive a consistent vision of the future, and their role in it? Do you have an operating model that can successfully deliver that vision - the right processes, skills and technology to execute and scale?

No? Then we can help you with an end-to-end growth strategy and execution plan. We can help you set an ambitious growth strategy that your leadership team is aligned behind, help communicate a compelling vision of success to your teams and articulate their roles in delivering it. We can define the right performance measures to create visibility of success, including the reporting. We can also define the right operating model to deliver your strategy - whether that’s recommendations on process improvement, new skills you need in the organization or areas where technology can enable you to grow more profitably and effectively. Where ever you need help we can create a bespoke engagement that meets your needs, working with your leadership and their teams to co-create a strategy and implementation roadmap that drives success for your company.


Strategy Retreats  

Do you have a clear and aligned vision of success for your business? Does your leadership sing from the same songsheet? Are they inspiring your teams to deliver growth in a consistent way? If not then you would benefit from a dedicated facilitated, strategy retreat. Our facilitated retreats give you the opportunity to bring your leadership team together without distractions to align on the WHAT, the WHY and the HOW - what your strategy is, why your strategy is the right one, and how you are going to deliver it (and the roles of your teams as well).

Our strategy retreat work is not limited to the day itself - we spend time upfront understanding your business, meeting with your leadership and a range of individuals in your teams. We understand your strategic challenges and develop a strategy retreat where you will co-create the an aligned strategy together


Performance Reviews    

You have a strategy, but are you delivering on it? Do you have an effective performance management system that delivers insights you can act on to effect growth and change? Are you able to get real time informationthat allows you to celebrate the wins, and to understand the root causes when you fail?

We can come in and help you set up a performance management system with smart metrics, automated data inputs and outputs, proactive signals / flags based on bespoke tolerances and live reporting to ensure that you have your finger on the pulse of your business, and are able to react in a proactive and agile way?


Operating model reviews 

Is your business set up to effectively and efficiently deliver your growth strategy? Do your processes efficiently deliver your products and services to the right customers at scale? Do you have the right skills and capabilities (quantity and quality) in house to scale? Have you got the right technology enabling your business, or is it slowing you down? Not sure?

Then we offer an operating model review where we can review all aspects of your operating model, and help you design one that both sets your business up for success, and can scale as you grow


Other support we can provide     

 In addition to these well defined elements of strategy setting and implementation we can in support you in so many other ways! 

  • Benchmarking 
  • Organizational Effectiveness Reviews
  • Programme Office Management 
  • Value Creation Reviews 
  • Business case development 
  • Roadmap development
  • Executive Coaching 
  • Employee Engagement Strategies
  • Implementation Support




I'm probably the only person that wanted to be a strategy consultant when they were growing up. Why? Because I like solving complex problems, co-creating solutions and helping to map pathways to great outcomes.

I’ve spent my career in strategy houses, and larger consulting firms supporting major clients to develop and implement growth strategies in the UK and across the Middle East. I’ve led corporate strategy teams, facilitating regional leaders in setting strategies, and developing growth plans. I’ve delivered double digit growth strategies, built billion dollar organizations. I’ve also rolled my sleeves up and led the internal technology and people teams driving transformation of operating models to meet growth plans.

After 20 inspiring and successful years, I’ve recognized that my passion lies now in supporting entrepreneurs, smaller organizations and social entities to grow their businesses and achieve their “big, hairy audacious goals”. My purpose is to help individuals and teams who similarly believe in delivering greater value to the wider community grow and scale - which is why I focus on organizations and teams who truly want to make a difference.

For my corporate clients, I bring a bespoke strategy and growth framework, that will identify your strategic options and help you to put together a roadmap to achieve your ambitions, to think through your optimal operating model, and to identify those critical enablers that you need to invest in to support your growth journey.


If you're interested in the support we can provide, and want to discuss what that could look like in more detail then click below to book a meeting with Sophie at a time that suits you

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