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The Growth Pod Philosophy


Here at Growth Pod we believe that you, your ideas and your business are going to make a difference.  

That when you combine your passions and your purpose the outcome for society is immense 

We also know how hard it is to start and grow businesses from the ground up 

We've spent 20 years in the consulting world helping corporates grow bigger, but often with minimum benefit to the communities and society around them  

Now, we want to bring our knowledge, skills and expertise to other passionate small business owners and help you to build a strong foundation for growth and success. 

Hi, I'm Sophie!

Consulting is in my heart and my soul. 

I'm a problem solver. I live to improve a company's future, to drive success and growth. I've done it for 20 years for large corporates, and now I want to do it for you and your business. 

After 20 inspiring and successful years, I’ve recognized that my passion lies now in supporting entrepreneurs, smaller organizations and social entities to grow their businesses and achieve their “big, hairy audacious goals”. My purpose is to help individuals and teams who similarly believe in delivering greater value to the wider community grow and scale - which is why I focus on organizations and teams who truly want to make a difference.

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Our client feedback 

Blown away by the transition in myself in the 6 weeks I worked with Sophie. I'm so impressed with Sophie's ability to take complex material and deliver it in not only a digestible, but very much enjoyable way. Sophie managed me through the areas I struggle in with ease and grace. I would and do recommend this course to all friends and clients that have their own business. After this course I now see myself as an entrepreneur with massive, achievable goals. 

Janelle Houston

Tree of Hope


Sophie , THANK you FOR:

Your creative thinking
For seeing me
For articulating my vision & values even better than I can sometimes
For setting off so many sparks in my head
For helping me visualize my first book ,which is what gets me up in the morning, along with my kids and caffeine
For making me feel like I have a champion in my coach
For helping me feel even braver than I already am
For helping me feel like anything is possible
For an energy that brings compassion while stretching me so that I grow to match my big vision.


Efty Katsareas, Life Coach for Mothers


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