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The Growth Pod Philosophy

It's a bit of a broad statement, but generally female entrepreneurs launch three kinds of businesses

  1. Ones that solve a particular problem that they or their community personally face

  2. Ones that are built on a clear sense of purpose, and harness their individual passions

  3. Ones that create community and connection for those in marginalised or under-represented groups

At the heart of all three are great ideas and a clear desire to make a difference.

The Growth Pod is my own passion and purpose driven business, that exists solely to accelerate the impact of incredible female entrepreneurs by enabling them to solve complex problems for their communities.

I spent 20 years in the corporate strategy space helping some of the world's biggest companies grow bigger, often with minimum benefit to the communities and society around them. It didn’t sit well with my values.

Now, I want to bring my knowledge, skills, experience and expertise to other passionate female problem solvers and entrepreneurs like you, and help them to deliver the impact that their ideas deserve.

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