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What drives us here at the Growth Pod? 


The impact you and your ideas can have in the world. The benefit you can have on your community. We're here to help you launch those ideas into businesses or side hustles. We're here to help you map out a growth journey to help you achieve Big Hairy Audacious Goals. We're here to help your business thrive, and to help you work to live, not live to work. It's all about IMPACT, and enjoying the process. Growing a business isn't something you need to do alone. We're here to help YOU. 

Future Business Owners
Solo Entrepreneurs
Small / Med Businesses
Neurodiverse Entrepreneurs

Future Business Owners 


  • are creative.¬†

  • have a great business idea but don't know how to take it forward?¬†

  • have a passion, but you don't know how to monetize it.¬†

  • have loads of ideas, but don't know how to bring them together into a single cohesive business plan?¬†

We can help you...

  • develop, mature, and launch your dream passion-led business.¬†
  • ideate, brainstorm, challenge, structure and develop a business plan for any idea¬†
  • do all the thinking up front to prove your concept¬†
  • think of everything you need to bring your ideas to reality


You need: 

  • structure¬†
  • validation¬†
  • confidence¬†
  • business planning expertise
  • constructive challenge¬†
  • tools to help you on your journey¬†
  • a community to help you succeed¬†
  • accountability


We offer:

  • Group coaching¬†

  • 1-2-1 coaching

  • ideation accelerators¬†

  • paid mentoring¬†

  • rainstorming sessions¬†





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Solo Entrepreneurs 


  • have your own business or side hustle
  • may be struggling to get out of the weeds and develop a growth plan¬†
  • find it hard to set aside time to focus on the big picture, to measure progress and take meaningful next steps
  • are always firefighting and dealing with the small stuff




We can help you...

  • think big / bigger¬†
  • define your vision of future success¬†
  • prioritize of opportunities and definition of next steps and create a growth strategy
  • learn industry best practice tools for strategy & business planning¬†
  • challenging and validating ideas for new customer segments and products¬†
  • develop a future proof business model¬†
  • identify enablers to support your growth plan

You need: 

  • regular strategy sessions to think big¬†
  • business expertise and advice on next steps
  • analytical tools to help with objectivity and prioritization¬†
  • constructive challenge¬†
  • practical planning templates¬†

 We offer:

  • 1-2-1 coaching¬†
  • group coaching¬†
  • strategy school working sessions¬†
  • paid mentoring
  • problem solving sessions¬†


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Small / Medium Business Owners 


  • have an established business perhaps with a small team supporting you
  • may be struggling to find time to think BIG
  • are struggling to articulate your¬†vision for the future to your team or shareholders
  • don't know¬†what you need to prioritise to achieve your vision¬†
  • don't have an effective¬†performance management system to measure success against¬†
  • are unsure on the operational implications of your growth plan¬†
  • have a business plan that's all in your head...but needs to be on paper

We can help you...

  • clarify your goals and turn them into holistic strategies¬†
  • drive alignment with shareholders / teams¬†
  • facilitate¬†group discussions on strategy & the future
  • identify¬†and prioritise strategic¬† opportunities and turn them into actions
  • help you develop business plans that cement your vision in actions and data
  • train your teams on thinking strategically¬†¬†




You need: 

  • strategy retreats for you and your team¬†
  • frameworks to drive alignment and consensus
  • tools to analyse and prioritise¬†next steps
  • strategic skill sets in your team¬†
  • performance management tools to help you get there¬†




 We offer:

  • 1-2-1 executive coaching¬†
  • facilitated 1 and 2 day¬† strategy retreats¬†¬†
  • support preparing strategy documentation for investors and shareholders¬†
  • performance management system design¬†
  • regular performance management reviews and challenge sessions
  • training for teams on strategic thinking and key strategy tools


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Neurodiverse Entrepreneurs 

I’ve always been different, my brain has always run at a faster pace than others. I have superpowers that helped me be incredibly successful in the corporate world - my hyper focus, my ability to learn new topics in a short period of time, the way I look at problems and come up with creative solutions.

But it wasn’t until 2 years ago that I understood why. I’m Neurodiverse, Twice Exceptional. Autistic, ADHD and Dyspraxic. It finally all made sense.

Getting my diagnosis was one of the reasons I left the corporate world. While my superpowers helped me, they also hindered me - I have an amazing capacity for work, which others took advantage of. I struggled with my strong sense of justice and fairness in a deeply political organization, and was increasingly asked to do things that were at odds with that and my values.

So I took the huge decision to leave, and spent 6 months discovering my self. How my neurodiversity presents when I’m not masking. What I actually enjoy doing. What my strengths are, and how I wanted to use them for me. The answer was the Growth Pod. I now bring all of my neurodiverse super powers and use them to help others grow their businesses.

But I do struggle, and I didn’t realise how much I would struggle without the structure of the corporate world, with networking and meeting new people, talking about myself, eye contact, executive function and more.

Over the last year I’ve connected in with amazing neurodiverse communities and I see how many ND people have also started their own businesses, often as the only way they can get the accommodations they need to thrive, that they couldn’t ask for in the traditional workplace. Entrepreneurship can be a huge release for our community, but it can be a LOT harder for us to find our groove and grow.

I’m passionate about helping my tribe thrive. I can help you with structure, accountability and prioritisation to grow your business. I can help understand your superpowers and how you can put them at the heart of your business, and how to create a business that supports you and your mental health.

If you are Neurodiverse and want to learn more, please please reach out for a chat and to connect, I’m here to help.

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