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Here at Growth Pod, we're driven by a passion to support others in working to live, not living to work.  

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Consulting is in my heart and my soul. 

I'm a problem solver. I live to improve a company's future, to drive success and growth. I've done it for 20 years for large corporates, and now I want to do it for you and your business. 



Not many 15 years old's know exactly what they want to do. Even fewer know that it is to be a strategy consultant. But I did, and I relentlessly pursued a successful, 20 year  consulting career in the UK and Middle East. 


I'm probably the only person that wanted to be a strategy consultant when they were growing up. Why? Because I like solving complex problems, co-creating solutions and helping to map pathways to great outcomes. 

I’ve spent my career in strategy houses, and larger consulting firms supporting major clients to develop and implement growth strategies in the UK and across the Middle East. I’ve led corporate strategy teams, facilitating regional leaders in setting strategies, and developing growth plans. I’ve delivered double digit growth strategies, built billion dollar organizations. I’ve also rolled my sleeves up and led the internal technology and people teams driving transformation of operating models to meet growth plans. 

And now?


After 20 inspiring and successful years, I’ve recognized that my passion lies now in supporting entrepreneurs, smaller organizations and social entities to grow their businesses and achieve their “big, hairy audacious goals”. My purpose is to help individuals and teams who similarly believe in delivering greater value to the wider community grow and scale - which is why I focus on organizations and teams who truly want to make a difference. 

Enter Growth Pod 

I've taken the leap to set up the Growth Pod. To bring my passion for problem solving closer to my purpose, helping the community of business owners to successfully grow.  

I'm excited to do this in various ways. Be that bespoke consulting projects, co-creating your growth strategies. Be it coaching you personally to learn the tools and methodologies that you can take forward to drive your own growth. To providing courses and workshops helping individuals that might not be able to afford consulting or coaching to learn about strategy setting at their own pace. To provide you a library of best practice tools and templates to solve specific challenges.  

I can't wait to connect with you and understand how I can support you, and solve your most difficult challenges.  

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