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I set up the Growth Pod because I believe in the potential of the ideas and solutions that female entrepreneurs create. I want to help as many purpose and passion driven entrepreneurs as possible to have the maximum impact on their customers and their communities. 

But I know that it's hard to invest in advice at the start, when you need it most. And it's hard to invest when your business is not going the way you wanted it to. 

I also know how overwhelming it is to find the RIGHT support. That's going to give you great advice and drive great outcomes. 

Which is why i've made it super simple for you.

I offer you a safe space to Think Big, to brainstorm, to dive into challenges and data and co-create practical solutions and compelling visions. We'll set SMART goals together, define plans to achieve them and then I'll hold you accountable. 



To keep it simple, I offer my support in 2 ways.

Mentoring packages that give you consistent and proactive support,
Pay-as-you-go advisory sessions that you can use as you need to work through challenges. 

More than just mentoring.

Fundamentally, a mentor provides advice based on their specific experiences and offers perspective on next steps. And yes, that is what I do, to a degree.  

But my specific experiences are based on 20 years in corporate strategy consulting, and leadership positions in Finance, Technology and HR. So I kind of wear two hats when I support you. 

As a consultant I provide advice, but I also provide analysis, insight, perspective, and recommendations or solutions. I cocreate Big Hairy Audacious Goals, strategies to achieve them and roadmaps which break it down. Though, if you need me to, I'm also going to roll up my sleeves and get into the detail, even help you take action (but only if that's what makes sense). 

As a mentor, I'm going to challenge you, set goals, follow up on actions we agreed, hold you accountable, and be honest, objective and transparent in my feedback to you. I'll also connect you to others in my network who can support you and your specific goals. 

Mentoring Packages
Pay As You Go Sessions

Mentoring Packages

Mentoring has the most impact when it's over a sustained period of time, when your mentor is invested in your journey towards your goals, when they are to work through challenges or failures and help to pick you up again. To celebrate and build on all the wins. 

Consistency supports accountability, providing additional incentive for you to take action. 

A longer term mentoring relationship has been proven to drive sustained results and greater impact 

  • Mentored entrepreneurs are 2X more likely to survive the first 5 years (70%) and 3x¬†more likely to survive the first year.¬†
  • Business that receive mentoring see an 83%¬†increase in revenue compared to those that don't
  • Mentoring boosts confidence and satisfaction, particularly of female entrepreneurs.¬† 67% of successful female entrepreneurs credit their success to mentoring.

My mentoring packages are designed to drive consistency, accountability and results, depending on your need for support and the urgency to resolve particular challenges. 

I've also included a tonne of extra value for you in the forms of workshops, group accountability sessions and resources / toolkits that I think are essential. Just little things that I think reduce the loneliness and give you more tools to navigate your journey.  

Pay-as- you-Go Sessions

If you're not ready to invest in a regular mentoring package, or maybe you know mentoring is not for you and you just want to dive into a specific challenge and brainstorm solutions. That's absolutely fine! 

I also offer single sessions of 1 or 2 hours or packages that you can use as flexibly as you want. Think of me as your "Business Personal Trainer" who can build a bespoke session to provide perspective, solve challenges and help to get you unstuck.  

You could use these sessions to: 

  • Brainstorm or ideate¬†new products or solutions
  • Lead a design thinking session for new customer segments or markets
  • Dive into¬†market competition and articulate your USP

  • Debate new revenue steams¬†

  • Prioritise actions and investments¬†
  • Create a practical plan that you and your team can follow
  • A specific challenge session e.g.¬†covering under-performance and root cause analysis,¬†operational and process issues,¬†¬†
  • We love nothing more than a good whiteboard session (physical and virtual). We can facilitate the session, and help you with the output and documentation afterwards.

Basically, these are your sessions to use as you want to! 

Add Ons

In addition to mentoring, I love to host workshops, accountability groups and in person / online community events with the aim of making entrepreneurship much less lonely. Keep an eye on my event page for details, and sign up to my mailing list for news and offers on regular co-working sessions. 

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