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The world is a scary place

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Hello lovely people,

I hope you and your families are well and safe at the moment. The world is an increasingly scary place to be for many, and I don’t think I’m alone in saying this is affecting my deeply.

I’m hugging my kids a bit tighter each night, I’m educating myself so i can answer their many questions about what’s happening in the world, supporting organizations that I think will provide the most practical and enduring support to those in need and I’m trying to look for what good there is out there to hold onto when my belief in humanity is at an all time low.

I’ve also spent a lot of time considering what my personal response should be - it feels so callous to be sharing content, writing newsletters and posting about events when the world is in crisis. And I’m not sure there is a perfect response. But what I have decided is to do the following - to double down on my purpose - helping those who help others in crisis to have a positive impact.

This month I launched my last group coaching cohort of 2023, and I decided that I would offer it on an energy exchange basis to a group of incredible female coaches who I truly believe will help the world be a better place in their own way. I was joined by life coaches for women and children who will help others to be the best possible version of themselves, by a dharma coach who helps connect people to their life purpose and a mindfulness and movement coach helping to heal the older generation of women. I’m so inspired by what they can do, and hope that over the next few weeks we can hold space and work on amplifying the impact they can have through their work.

I invite you to also look at what you can do now to help bring more good into the world. When we feel powerless to make a difference in the wider world, look to your own communities, your clients and customers and ask how you can link arms with them to make the world a better, and less scary place.

This month I have the following events, and I will use them as much as I can to drive good in the world:

  • Weekly Growth Huddles - a new “Pay what you can” option for November for those who need support but might not be able to invest in a full package of sessions. That means you can sign up for a package of 4 sessions at what ever you can afford. Places are limited each week to 6, and the sessions are held at Nasab, Koa Canvas, Dubailand.
  • Bites and Breakthrough Workshop: Inspire with audacity.
    Wednesday 8th November, 5.30-7.30pm, Nasab - 300AED
    Join us at Nasab for a workshop on how to set Big Hairy Audacious Goals for your business, followed by an informal networking dinner at Lowe.
  • Free #IamRemarkable Session,
    Monday 20th November
    online for all women and others from disadvantaged communities. Discover your voice and the art of self promotion to help you advance, build confidence and progress in your career.
  • Bites and Breakthrough Workshop: Redefining Success
    Wednesday 22nd November, 5.30-7.30pm, Nasab - 300AED
    Join us at Nasab for a workshop on creating visions of success that work for you (not just fulfilling the beliefs of others). We then have an informal networking dinner at Lowe.

Finally 50% of all the profits from the Bites and Breakthrough events will be donated to the Red Crescent to support aid for those in Gaza.

All my events can be booked through the following link - scroll down to find your event and register.

I really hope you can join me this month and link arms to try create light in a time of darkness.

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